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Studio Summer House

Plein Air painting is by far the best way for me to paint; to be out in creation and attempt to capture the vastness and grandeur of it all is so satisfying.

When the weather isn’t good, however, my thoughts go toward painting from life indoors. I have recently acquired some beautiful french doors from my daughter and her husband who are “Treasure Hunters”, they had these doors from one of their contracts and graciously offered them to me.

I am having so much fun creating spaces with the doors, they serve not only as a background for photography, but they also serve as a great background for painting still life and imagining being in a Summer House…ooooh how I love to create and I am so excited as I learn to see more clearly and to apply what I see.

This painting is oil on maple board. The painting is 11″ x 7″  the frame is a bit bigger than 16 x 12

Summer House Blossoms.

Studio Summer House

On Hold

About 2 weeks ago I started a painting of my daughter. It was a huge challenge because I need a lot more practice. Well this photo is the painting at the very beginning stages.

Its been on hold now because I broke my elbow;  I only was able to work on it the one day. 

So I am using this holding pattern to reflect, write, pray and learn. I will see what comes out of this…it should be great. 🙂

Well, here she is …the beginning stages of  ‘Dreaming Ballerina Style’ 

preliminary painting

preliminary painting

From Life

It has been a very long day today…babysitting my grandson, having visitors come over, driving, dropping off…cleaning and so on has all taken up the time that I was given. Finding time for painting is becoming increasingly difficult and like anything if time isn’t put into it, well it just doesn’t grow and improve like it should. So I know that having my grandson here and driving my loved ones to their destinations, making food, cleaning and so on is all very important and I need to be doing that…and painting…well it is a blessing that is for sure that I will grasp when the opportunity arises.

Today I had planned on painting from a photo that I took this summer of a woman sitting under a tree, I printed the photo off and set everything up to paint…as soon as I sat down I realized that I didn’t want to paint from a photo. I had been painting from life and I find that looking at the real thing is much more rewarding for me. I was once told that when we paint from a photograph, half the work is done because it is put on a 2 dimensional plane already. When we went out this summer to paint I realized that there is something about the grandeur of creation that a photo just can’t seem to capture the way our eyes do when we are there. Sure photos are spectacular…and they are a great aid in many ways, but it still isn’t the same as painting from life.

It reminds me of feeding a man for a day or teaching him how to find his food for himself…well I likened this to our faith; we can either be fed by what others have discovered in Scripture and prayer and walking with the Eternal One, or we can have the experience of having HIM speak to us directly instead of through someone else. I know that it is great to hear of HIM from someone else, but it is even greater to hear from HIM first hand. The rewards of studying the Scripture for ourselves and praying to HIM on our own accord, or just spending time listening to HIS voice is much more precious than anything this earth has to offer; the best experience we can have is From Life with the Saviour.

Joh 17:3  And this is eternal life, that they know YOU the only true Almighty Eternal One, and Our Saviour the Anointed whom YOU have sent.

Oil on canvas original painting by Heather Kemp

Oil on canvas original painting by Heather Kemp

Unless a Seed Falls

As I continue on my journey of painting one painting a day, I really am learning a lot…not only about the painting process but I am always having this dialogue in my mind with the Eternal One and a realization that life is also a process is prevalent in my mind. He brings back to memory many things that HE has taught me over the years…and today several things went through my mind but one was about death and the seeds that are left behind once the life is gone.

The Saviour said 

Joh 12:24 Truly, truly, I say to you, unless a grain of wheat falls into the earth and dies, it remains alone; but if it dies, it bears much fruit.
Joh 12:25 Whoever loves his life loses it, and whoever hates his life in this world will keep it for eternal life.

He was the Ultimate seed and because of HIM we have been given grace and mercy to continue on loving, sharing and doing HIS work.

While we are living in this life…we have opportunities everyday to share truth, love, forgiveness, mercy and justice with those who cross our paths…those are the seeds that we plant. Whatever we sow that we will also reap, so it is not just when we die that we leave the seeds to grow, it is also while we are alive…in the world the saying goes…what goes around comes around and that is true; we see this evidence in planting a garden, we do not plant lettuce and then end up with strawberries. The same goes with our daily lives, our words, thoughts  and actions cause a crop of bountiful goodness or…a plot full of thorns, we get to choose  🙂 

Php 4:8  Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things. 

I pray that this painting of these “Expired Tulips’ will bring blessings to the one who owns it…and by the miracle of the internet…all those who see it. Please pass this on to anyone that you want to send this prayer to. 🙂 ❤



This painting will be available on e-bay as an auction,  my name is Heather Kemp and this painting is 6″ x 8″ the link to my blog for paintings is: 

Who was the artist?

I have been painting off and on since I was a young girl…I mean in grade school. I sold my first painting when I was that young too. I had painted 2 deer on some old worn out pictures that I had salvaged, then I approached the drug store near our house in the small town where I grew up. The drugstore owner put my paintings in his store and a friend of our family bought them not long afterward for under $1. 🙂 That was big money back then…and I was so pleased. I was a child and this lady was probably just encouraging me, and it did encourage me. Over the years I have not been faithful to paint often because somewhere along the way I got the idea that it was not a viable thing to do and even for the last several years I thought it was self indulgent and so I only painted when I felt that I deserved a treat.

Well this past summer I got a call from a lady who attended college with me, we went out twice a week and painted in the mountains, in the parks and wherever we could….it was such a blessing for me to paint I was so happy. So that was the beginning of my new painting adventure.

We went to an art show a few days ago and she told me about some artists who were painting a painting a day, this was so intriguing to me, she told me that they painted small paintings of everyday objects and sold them on e-bay with the bids starting at $100. This seemed so awesome to me and something very doable. As soon as I came home that day I began to search for these painters who were creating a painting  a day. I wanted to do this and I wanted to find out what they were doing. I was so impressed by their paintings and their blogs that I immediately started a blog that day (which I am very slow at because I don’t know much about blogs, so as a side note if you feel compelled to help me I will welcome the offer)…anyway I made my little blog and painted my first painting the next day. Oh it was so hard for me, for some reason things were not coming together. I thought I had chosen a simple subject when I chose a salt and pepper shaker, but boy it was not simple for me. I am used to painting walls or painting relatively large canvasses and painting outdoors or from a photograph, things from creation…not salt and pepper shakers 🙂 so I was disappointed. But since I made a commitment to do a painting a day  I painted it until my time was up took the photos…and despite my disappointment in the painting, I posted it anyway….follow through is important to me. 🙂

I wanted to mention some of the artists that I found, they are absolutely masters at painting (I think)…I was so taken by their work… there is a man named Duane Keiser who actually started this painting a day, from what I understand and he is amazingly blessed with talent. I also connected with a man named Julian Merrow Smith, and another artist, Dave R Darrow…fantastic painters; they don’t need my endorsements either, they are all successful.

Yesterday I did everything I could to paint another painting; I thought I need to paint something organic, from creation, so I chose an angel wing plant…I spent several hours painting it and I was brought to tears doing it…I was so frustrated. I look at creation and I know that there is a Mighty Masterful Artist, the Almighty Artist Creator who made everything because it (creation) exists I know HE does… even my pitiful paintings exist so people know that someone made them…anyway I look up to the heavens at HIM and I ask…why do I have this desire to create and yet I do not have the skill to do it??? Well I do have some skill but its almost as though my hands don’t do what I see or know in my mind…how frustrating. I put in all my effort and it still wasn’t working…well all is not lost, I left it late last night, and I realized I had started a painting that was too big to complete in one day and I was rushing it, so I will finish it in due time.

This morning I prayed and I knew that I would be blessed today, my intentions are to give the Master Creator all the glory…I mean after all HE made everything and we ‘artists’ even the great ones that I mentioned…(and some I didn’t mention like Scott Prior, Scott Kiche and Larry Preston) are merely copying the One True Master Artist…there is nothing new under the sun. 🙂

So after praying…and realizing that I am not those artists, I am me…I paint differently…mostly with a lot of paint and even though I do like photo realism I haven’t achieved that… yet.

This painting a day will enable me to hone my skills and I pray that I use them to exalt the Eternal One.

So I took a beautiful red gala apple and decided to paint that for today’s painting…it is painted the way I like to paint and I can see that I am actually developing my skills by the Eternal’s mercy and patience with me. I will be posting this for auction on e-bay and on my painting blog

Apple on a brick

Apple on a brick

my first ever ebay

Well after much reading and many  trials and errors…I finally placed my very first item for sale on ebay,  which is a feat for me not being very savvy on this sort of thing…what a learning curve I am on.

My natural tendencies are to paint (or create in some other way) and to talk to people, bless them and share with them and just love life and those that I have been blessed with…but dealing with computers is so challenging for me. At least I am getting some things done…even though it takes me a longer time than most, I am sure I will get better at it. 🙂

My painting is also on an upswing as I make the commitment to paint one painting per day…or at least 5-6 per week.  I still plan to make videos of those paintings so be on the lookout for those…ahhh more learning, oh the excitement  of it all!  🙂

So here is my first listing.

Little Chefs

Little Chefs

Along with all of this excitement, I have created another blog just for the paintings…nothing else 🙂 so please visit my latest blog and please add me to your list. 🙂

There are amazing things ahead.