Hearing IS sweet. This is a true statement. It is important to me that I spend more time hearing than talking. I believe that I am listening for that Still Small Voice to always lead me in whatever direction I need to go. This blog was started 4 years ago and at the beginning I did write about my personal life and issues of the heart. I wrote about what the Almighty Creator was doing in my life. I then stopped writing for some time and after a few years I started another blog that focuses more on Painting and Photography http://homestudio1.wordpress.com/

I seem to be continually searching for meaning in what I am doing and to express that. I always have a deep sense of yearning for Truth, and while I am a painter/artist/photographer. I really do have this huge need to share my heart in other ways. There are so many things that I have experienced over the years and that I have learned through those experiences which I still want to share. I have, however, always had a guard up because of the thought of being rejected. It is in my nature to want to be accepted, like anyone I suppose. So the filters go up and sometimes the walls.

I think that this blog will be dedicated to the searching that I am doing and maybe it will become more of a personal journal of sorts, where I can leave the book open for those who want to read and those who don’t are free to close the book (or the link in this case) and walk away. I suppose by giving that freedom to others it frees me to not be bound by the fear of rejection.

So be forewarned that this can be personal as well as Spiritual and if that isn’t your cup of tea then please feel free to check out my other blog  http://homestudio1.wordpress.com/ which actually has some videos that were meant to be inspiring and encouraging as well, there are some paintings and photography…but it is still all from me…a simple woman who just wants to share my little corner of the world, to be able to hear (so please leave comments)  and to be heard…I am a person who wants to love as the Saviour loves and receive that kind of love in return.

in the greenhouse


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