From Life

It has been a very long day today…babysitting my grandson, having visitors come over, driving, dropping off…cleaning and so on has all taken up the time that I was given. Finding time for painting is becoming increasingly difficult and like anything if time isn’t put into it, well it just doesn’t grow and improve like it should. So I know that having my grandson here and driving my loved ones to their destinations, making food, cleaning and so on is all very important and I need to be doing that…and painting…well it is a blessing that is for sure that I will grasp when the opportunity arises.

Today I had planned on painting from a photo that I took this summer of a woman sitting under a tree, I printed the photo off and set everything up to paint…as soon as I sat down I realized that I didn’t want to paint from a photo. I had been painting from life and I find that looking at the real thing is much more rewarding for me. I was once told that when we paint from a photograph, half the work is done because it is put on a 2 dimensional plane already. When we went out this summer to paint I realized that there is something about the grandeur of creation that a photo just can’t seem to capture the way our eyes do when we are there. Sure photos are spectacular…and they are a great aid in many ways, but it still isn’t the same as painting from life.

It reminds me of feeding a man for a day or teaching him how to find his food for himself…well I likened this to our faith; we can either be fed by what others have discovered in Scripture and prayer and walking with the Eternal One, or we can have the experience of having HIM speak to us directly instead of through someone else. I know that it is great to hear of HIM from someone else, but it is even greater to hear from HIM first hand. The rewards of studying the Scripture for ourselves and praying to HIM on our own accord, or just spending time listening to HIS voice is much more precious than anything this earth has to offer; the best experience we can have is From Life with the Saviour.

Joh 17:3  And this is eternal life, that they know YOU the only true Almighty Eternal One, and Our Saviour the Anointed whom YOU have sent.

Oil on canvas original painting by Heather Kemp

Oil on canvas original painting by Heather Kemp


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