my first ever ebay

Well after much reading and many  trials and errors…I finally placed my very first item for sale on ebay,  which is a feat for me not being very savvy on this sort of thing…what a learning curve I am on.

My natural tendencies are to paint (or create in some other way) and to talk to people, bless them and share with them and just love life and those that I have been blessed with…but dealing with computers is so challenging for me. At least I am getting some things done…even though it takes me a longer time than most, I am sure I will get better at it. 🙂

My painting is also on an upswing as I make the commitment to paint one painting per day…or at least 5-6 per week.  I still plan to make videos of those paintings so be on the lookout for those…ahhh more learning, oh the excitement  of it all!  🙂

So here is my first listing.

Little Chefs

Little Chefs

Along with all of this excitement, I have created another blog just for the paintings…nothing else 🙂 so please visit my latest blog and please add me to your list. 🙂

There are amazing things ahead.


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