The Moments to Cherish

Morning Glory

Morning Glory an expression of love.

The Moments to Cherish.
Oh how sweet it is to hear a child singing or humming. This happens in my home often…in it’s own unique and very beautiful way.

Here I am in my office and my teenage daughter is in her bedroom. Her door is open, she is crocheting and listening to Bach or some classical music (I can’t tell which composer)…and she is humming in her sweet, sweet voice, it sounds so joyful and very mature.  I love it!

It has warmed my heart on this dreary day.

Another blessing that came my way today was an email from my 16-year-old son who is in the family room right now. He sent me this message out of the blue saying “I love you mom”.

These experiences often cause me to remember times when I was younger, it brings alive the memories of my mom and the seeds that she planted in my heart along the way. I can see that those very tiny seeds have flowered and gone to seed in the next generation, my children, bringing into view a most beautiful garden that is just ripening into a wonderful harvest to come.

I can see it in my mind as though it was yesterday, my mom would wake up some mornings and exclaim with such enthusiasm and awe the beauty of the morning glory’s that were growing just outside the door in the back yard. She would take a deep breath and say “Oh just look at those beautiful flowers, aren’t they somethin’ else”. Her appreciation of these little flowers engraved and nurtured a love in me for the beauty of our Heavenly Father’s creation.

Our home was a humble one to say the least and we didn’t have much but my mom never complained, she would be around the house doing whatever duties had to be done with 8 children. Even though she was worn out, she would sing or hum praises to her Creator. I remember often we would all be singing with her from the hymnal and even though we did not have a Christian upbringing per sey, she would get us singing right along. We would change our voices and try to imitate the various parts which made it fun, especially when we were small children trying to sing bass.

When I finally gave my life to JESUS, I was already into my forties, yet all of these good memories began to flood my mind and the songs came bursting forth from my mouth. The love, joy and the mercy that are poured upon me at times like this have taught me many things. The importance of what we do and the memories that we decide to create in our children as well as the people around us just may be the catalyst that changes a life one day.

My children have inherited the harvest of that fruit and seeds that my mom innocently planted in the soft soil of my heart so long ago. One nourishing memory that grew healthy fruit within me and ultimately has been passed on to my children is… laundry.

With 8 children in the house you can well imagine my mom had more than her share of laundry to do. She had a ringer washer and there was an old chair with rungs, it had the back broken off at some point and she used that as a stool to place the huge metal rinse tub on. Once the clothes were washed she would put them through the ringers, fall into the rinse tub, then get wrung out again ending up into the basket. The next step was to hang them on the clothesline. This was quite a chore in the wintertime.  Unlike our friends and neighbors we had no dryer so we would open the kitchen window where the clothesline was attached to the corner of the house and standing on a chair we would reach out the window to hang the clothes in the freezing cold, sometimes reaching as low as 35 below zero. This was so funny for us children because when we brought the clothes back in they were frozen stiff. Well being the kids that we were, we started to laugh and stand the pants up in a line and play around with these animated, rigid garments, dancing and twirling until they melted and their “life” was gone from them. My mom would laugh right along with us and I am sure that this was a release from the obvious toil and strain that we all experienced with the struggles of everyday life.

The imprints of these events have left a lasting impression on my mind. It doesn’t matter how much we have, or even what we have… what matters is what we choose to do with it. Even though my mom did not have much of an education, she was so very wise.  She knew enough to allow herself to be an instrument of GOD and as such she taught us to appreciate, even the most simple basic beauties in life and to make the best of every situation, by her example. She also taught us that if we would sing praises to our Creator HE in turn fills us with the strength to go forward no matter how tough the road seems.

In memory of my mom I would like to say,… thank you mom for loving GOD in our sight and being a living example of “giving thanks in all things”. It has made a right way for your children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren to follow. You have been a virtuous woman mom in your own way.

I can do all things through CHRIST which strengtheneth me. Philippians 4:13

My mom, Mrs. Doris.E. Slater, passed away 07-07-07 . Her favorite verse was Phil 4:13 and a very applicable one for this little 4′ 9″ woman…her laugh, her love and her innocent ways have been a great strength to those who wish to see it and reap from it.

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6 thoughts on “The Moments to Cherish

  1. Such a beautiful lesson taught by your mom to rejoice in the Lord always. and to be an example to our precious children that God has blessed us with.

    Thanks for sharng

  2. Heather… Thank you for reawakening some of those great old memories of our mom within me. I have been particularly interested in clothes lines lately, as my dryer is being repaired and I have students living here that feel the need to wash clothes often. I remembered the old clothes line at our house and how fresh the clothes smelled and I remembered that even in winter we would still hang them out, and they would come in stiff, but I forgot that we played with the stiff figures our frozen clothing formed.
    Thanks also for the reminder about the morning glory’s, and mom’s love and admiration of them… And the singing… aaaahhh the singing…. you and mom and I in three part harmony (if you could really call it that) singing the old hymns so near and dear to her heart. I was at a gospel jamboree a couple of weekends ago and the music was so much of what mom loved… it brought a heavy ache of longing in my heart to see her again, and hear her sing those songs with joy. I am so thankful that we had those times together… and so sorry that I didn’t show my appreciation to my mom more while she was here on this earth, but I can’t wait for that glorious day when I will see her again and we will sing the old songs together again in perfect three part harmony… 🙂 Love Charlene

  3. the cloths line in our back yard is calling, I have one more load today then im done for three. the close are dry in about two hours in winter and a lot faster in the summer. I will start singing when I remember your story. thanks bill

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