Water in my hands.

Jeremiah 17:7-8 Blessed is the man that trusteth in the LORD, and whose hope the LORD is. For he shall be as a tree planted by the waters, and that spreadeth out her roots by the river, and shall not see when heat cometh, but her leaf shall be green; and shall not be careful in the year of drought, neither shall cease from yielding fruit.

Trusting in the Creator of the universe Who is the life giving force that brings us through all our trials.  Listening to His still small voice and yielding to His leading enables us to have that trust which fills our veins with courage to shoot forth our branches as a tree and to allow the seedling to fall where it will have a space to grow and flourish.

When do I hear the sweetness of His still small voice? I hear Him when I am engaged in an activity such as washing dishes, which requires little or no thought; when I am in His creation early in the morning, or late at night when I am in bed and in my quiet time of reading His Word.  Sometimes, while I am driving, it seems I am on automatic pilot and thoughts from God flood my mind and His voice is so profound and clear to me that I hear myself talking to Him out loud. 

This happened one time in particular while I was driving out to my sister’s house in a little country hamlet, about an hours drive from the outskirts of the city where I live. I was making the trip once a week so that she and I could do Bible studies together. 

My sister Pam loves deeply and is passionate about all that she does. When she decides to do something, she is unstoppable. She has tremendous strength and can be a true powerhouse especially when she is focused in a productive and positive way. She was determined to learn and to study so it was my pleasure to make the drive every week to study with her. I was always extremely blessed by our visits and I will forever treasure it as a wonderful, rewarding experience. However, at the time I was going through some heartaches of my own with some of my teenagers. One of my daughter’s had decided to leave home while she was still very young and, in my mind, innocent and fragile.  I felt she was not ready to go and her exit from the home was neither gentle nor agreeable. 

As I was driving the straight road to my sister’s house, my daughter was continually on my mind and I was praying constantly for her, the Spirit began impressing on my heart, and I sensed Him saying to me, “Heather, children are like water.” I said, “What? Children are like water?” Then I heard again, “Heather, children are like water.” “If you hold your hands just so, in such a way as to form a bowl, you can hold onto them for a little while.”  My tears started flowing as I heard the Spirit in my mind, saying… “If you hold them too tightly and close your hands on them they will be gone out of your hands…and fall to the ground.” I said with groaning and crying “Oh Father I am so sorry, so sorry! I didn’t mean to hold on too tight.”  Episodes were flashing through my mind as I was remembering all the times that I had been too hard on her, all the times that I made the mistakes of holding on too tightly, now the tears were flowing so hard and I was crying out loud.  Then the Spirit said to me in that still, small voice, “Heather, if you hold on too loosely the water will slip through your fingers and fall to the ground.”  With this the crying subsided and I thought, “Oh, that’s right!  There were times when I did let go, and there were times that I held on… maybe I just didn’t have the right balance.  The thought persisted, “Maybe I had to open my hands gently into a bowl shape to cradle her and allow her to “be”, open drinking in the sunshine and the world around her and yet held with boundaries around her so that she knew where the edges were.” 

I tried to compose myself, as I was now pulling up to my sister’s home. The hour drive went by so quickly and I felt I wanted to stay in the Presence learning from the Spirit as long as possible, however, I went into my sister’s house and shared with her what the Spirit has shown me.  I spent that couple of hours with her doing our Bible study and then left again for the drive home. 

As I was driving back home, I began thinking about the events of the day and going over all of it in my mind again, thanking and praising the Lord for all that He had taught and shown me that day.  After I had quieted I heard the Spirit again say to me, “Heather, children are like water.” I responded, “Yes, I know; thank You Lord for teaching me this.” Then I heard again, “Heather, children are like water… if you hold your hands just so, like a bowl, you will be able to hold onto them for a little while; if you hold on too tightly they will be forced out and fall to the ground.” As I heard this I began to cry and asked the Lord why He was telling me this again, as I had already repented. Then He said to me, “If you hold on too loosely they will fall through your fingers, out of your hands and be gone.” I continued crying and saying, “Thank You, Lord for revealing this to me, help me to do better in the future.” I knew that since I have two children left at home under my guidance, He was telling me this again for their benefit. Then the Spirit said to me, “Heather, don’t be worried for your daughter.  The water that falls to the ground will fall on the seeds that you have planted.”  At this I burst into tears again, but this time tears of joy and gratitude, because I knew He was saying that all the good I had done, all the times I had spoken of Him, exalting His name and reading the Bible and singing praise, all of these things were going to grow in her and she would turn out to be like a tree planted by the River of water. 

That day I knew I had been in the presence of Yahuwah, Creator of heaven and earth; the waters, mountains and all living creatures!!  …even now I am at His feet. 

I pray that this will bless you and encourage you…and I hope that this gives you an understanding of what I mean when I say “Hearing is sweet”. 

Be inspired…

 Water in my hands


9 thoughts on “Water in my hands.

  1. What a profound and beautiful picture the Lord has given you… thank you for sharing it and for reminding us that the Lord desires to speak to our hearts and give us wisdom for our struggles if only we will hear him, and peace for our hearts if only we will believe him… ❤ C

  2. Thank you Charlene, I did state the credits for your editing and Jeremy as photographer, but it isn’t showing anywhere here.
    I really appreciate all your help and Jeremy’s too. I am looking forward to working with you again. Yes, Hearing is sweet!
    Blessings to you and much love. ❤

  3. Heather, such wonderful words of inspiration – sharing with us the wonder and power of the Lord and how He can make such an impact on our lives every single day. I look forward to reading more of your blog and pray that you can be encouraged to write daily.

    God bless you and your family.


  4. Thank you dear Heather for such an inspiring story of the Holy Spirit telling you of your success in bringing your and your other children to obey and trust in Yahvah!

  5. Dear Heather; This is a very good story about your enlightenment by the Holy Spirit concerning your daughter and your children still left at home! Thank you for sharing this with us. Harry

  6. What an inspiring testimony, and surely will only bring encouragement to those who read it 🙂
    Bless you Sister Heather, and thank you for letting me reading it as it gives peace into my mind and uplift my heart more than you ever know 🙂

    With much love,

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